Wanted: Your Questions on Long-Term Care

Wanted: Your Long-Term Care Questions

On Monday, I talked about how long term care affects all of us. It’s a subject that we often ignore and sometimes stick our heads in the sand over. With 7 out of 10 people requiring long-term assistance in their lives, coupled with the fact that we are living longer than ever, it’s not a topic that is going to go away.

When I talk to my clients about long-term care whether it is for themselves or their parents, most want to table the discussion. I (or my parents) are too young. We will talk about it in our 50’s, 60’s … and so forth. I get the desire to delay the conversation. However, it is better to discuss it now and figure out a plan when you are in good (or relatively good) health and can discuss things a bit more objectively, rather than in a panic.

Or worse. You delay these conversations too long and you may not be able to express your thoughts on your long-term care. Or have the money to pay for the care you want on your terms. I never imagined my father would become ill at 59 or pass away at 62 but it happened. Knowing what my father wanted and having the ability to honor his wishes made an incredibly difficult time for his family, just a little bit easier.

From the comments I received on Monday’s post, I know many of you have lots of questions about long-term care for yourself and/or for your parents. Instead of answering questions within the comments, I’m going to answer them in a blog post on Friday, September 5 because these questions are common and not everyone reads through the comments. I will also accept additional questions through Wednesday, September 3. You can leave your question in the comment section or via the contact form below.

What Are Your Long-Term Care Questions?

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Please Note: I may not be able to answer every question received and cannot give specific advice on your individual situation, only offer general guidance. I will do my best, however, to point you towards appropriate resources and give you plenty of food for thought, so you can create your long-term care action plan.


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