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I had the great privilege and pleasure to be on Adam Carroll’s Build a Bigger Life Podcast and had a blast getting to know him. We discovered quickly that we are kindred spirits who both want to help people live the best life possible. We spent plenty of time discussing one of my favorite subjects, raising financially confident kids. I shared a few stories about Lauren and Taylor and how I am teaching them to think intelligently about money on their own.

It is my absolute belief that we, as a parents, cannot just tell our kids what to do, instead we must teach them how to think for themselves. The girls constantly amaze me with their insight and always understand more than I think they do, which is great. It is also another reminder that we have to be very mindful of the words and actions our kids observe, money-related and otherwise. They see and mimic, both our good and bad behaviors and beliefs.

We also discussed the concept of spending money joyfully, which is a lesson my father taught me years ago. It is also something that most people struggle to do. We spend happily in the moment but often feel regretful or guilty later. What would life be like if we used our money in a way that filled us with true joy and happiness? This is possible!

Download or listen to Build a Bigger Life Podcast: Shannon Ryan and The Heavy Purse at I hope you enjoy it!

On Monday, I will wrap up my series on Common Mistakes Business Owners Make. Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Saturday, July 18th, 2015
    Nice podcast Shannon. I have learned so much from Lauren and Taylor's experience and situation. From now, I would apply the concept of spending money joyfully. I know this would bring about change I want to happen in my financial goals/journey. Thanks!
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