The Penny Club Workbook


New to money conversations with your children? The Penny Club Workbook is the perfect place to start. It features 5 Important Money Lessons to help you weave money conversations into your every day activities.


In the Penny Club Workbook, you and your children will complete the following lessons:

1. Set Family Goals
2. Model Good Financial Behavior and Language
3. Throw Away the Piggy Bank
4. Make Sharing Fun and Tangible
5. The Best Answer to “I Want”

Shannon will walk you through each lesson and provide step-by-step instructions to help you implement the lessons. The workbook also includes best practices, scripts and tools to help you deepen your money conversations.

This workbook is suitable for children new to money or with a Level 1 expertise. We recommend if your family is new to discussing money that you begin with The Penny Club Workbook.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a downloadable workbook. You will need to download the book and save the PDF to your computer within 48 hours of purchase.