The Dollar Club Workbook


The Dollar Club Workbook introduces your children to more complex financial concepts in easy to understand bites. After completing the workbook, they will have a great understanding on how money works and how to use money in goal-oriented, value-based manner.


In the Dollar Club Workbook, you and your children will complete the following lessons:

1. Money Straight Talk
2. Managing Budgets
3. EnRICHing Lives
4. The Magic of Compounding
5. Introduction to Investing

Shannon will walk you through each lesson and provide step-by-step instructions to help you implement these lessons. The workbooks also includes best practices, scripts and tools to help you deepen your money conversations.

This workbook is suitable for children who have completed The Quarter Club Workbook or have Level 3 expertise. We recommend if your family is new to discussing money that you begin with The Penny Club Workbook.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a downloadable workbook. You will need to download the book and save the PDF to your computer within 48 hours of purchase.