Children and Money

Growing Money Smart Kids Starts with You

The Heavy Purse Mission is to help busy parents teach their children value-based principles that guide their money decisions and support long-term financial well-being

I’m often asked if my audience is children or their parents. It’s the parents! My desire is to help you transform your children’s lives by teaching them how to handle money appropriately and make value-based decisions. So ultimately, it’s both, but first and foremost—it’s you—the great moms and dads who want to give their children the best life possible.

After 20 years of working with families, businesses and individuals as a financial advisor, I know money is emotional. Many times we make decisions based on emotion rather than our values. If we can teach our children to slow down and consider the money decisions they make, we will help them make smart decisions that honor their goals and values.

Time is precious and moves incredibly fast when raising children. Often times, parents delay money conversations until their children leave for college. This is too late. I know many of you want to have these important conversations earlier but don’t know how to start them.

This is why I wrote The Heavy Purse and my upcoming companion workbooks&#8212to give you the tools to grow money smart kids. The Heavy Purse is an easy way to introduce your children to the concept of save, spend and share through a fun, bedtime story. My new workbooks are the perfect follow-up. Each offers five money lessons with step-by-step instructions that increase your children’s financial knowledge and help them develop a positive relationship with money.

How is my advice different? My goal is to teach you emotional and financial competence. I’m not going to teach your children that four quarters equal a dollar. Your children’s school will teach them how to add and subtract. Together we are going to teach your children how to make value-based decisions on how to use those four quarters. What do I mean? To teach your children the joy of making decisions that are in alignment with their goals and dreams—in other words—what will make their hearts the happiest!

Too often I have witnessed clients strapped to a large mortgage and unable to do other things they love, such as travel. When they purchased their house, they forgot to think through what would make them the happiest long-term. They only thought about keeping up with the Jones’. In the end, even though they have money, they’re not living the life they really want because they are spending their money in a way that does not bring them the most joy. If their parents had taught them to slow down and outline their goals/values, perhaps they would have purchased a home that allowed them to live the life they truly desired.

I have 18 years (maybe less :D) to influence my kids. It is my greatest hope, when my daughters are on their own, I have given them the tools to make great decisions on how they use their money. I know you want the same, and it’s my mission to help busy parents teach their children, simple value-based principles that guide their money decisions and support their long-term financial well-being.

Please join me in growing money smart kids. The Heavy Purse is currently available and the companion workbooks will be available in mid-November. If you have questions on starting money conversations with your children, please email me at or post it on facebook.

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