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Money Conversations

When do you have money conversations with your kids?!?! Sometimes they are at the most unexpected times. Money conversations should not be a lecture but a fluid conversation.

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Teaching your children about the connection between emotions and money.

Teaching your children about the connection between emotions and money is an important foundation in teaching the life skill of financial literacy.  

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Monday Money Smarts! 3-25-19

Taxes, kids and knowing what effective tax you pay.

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Taxes: Week 2- Teaching your kids about filing income taxes

Taxes Week 2:  This week I talk about where to start teaching your kids about filing taxes.  It is a life skill that intimidates us all!!

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Teaching your kids about Taxes- Week 1

Taxes, where do you start teaching your kids about them? In this video I give you an idea to start teaching your elementary age kids about taxes.

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Why I Named My Company “The Heavy Purse”

In this video, I explain why I named my company, “The Heavy Purse.” I also touch on the importance of talking to your kids about the weight of money in their life.

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Welcome Back!

Welcome!!   After being silent for almost two years, I am returning to The Heavy Purse.   Please watch the video to see what I have been up to.  Shannon  

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A Thanksgiving Message
The Heavy Purse

A Thanksgiving Message of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a family-favorite holiday as gratitude and a commitment to sharing are strong family values in the Ryan home. Giving thanks is one of our core beliefs and a practice we demonstrate every day. When I sit down on Thanksgiving, to enjoy a meal surrounded by my loved ones, I feel such gratitude to have all these wonderful people in my life and the chance to break bread with

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Happy Labor Day |
The Heavy Purse

Happy Labor Day

Once we celebrate Labor Day, it always signals the start of Fall to me. The girls are back in school and the weather begins to cool down. But not too much for us here in Southern California! 🙂 It’s my favorite time of the year, so I’m going to enjoy spending time with my family instead of laboring today. It’s my hope that you’ll be able to enjoy some down-time

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Financially Real |
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A New Look and a New Focus

The Heavy Purse underwent a makeover this weekend to coincide with a new focus. I love it and hope you do too! As I mentioned back in January, I’ve made the decision to broaden my scope beyond raising financially confident kids to help you become Financially Real. Don’t worry — I’m still going to provide plenty of tips on children and money! But I’m also going to help you get

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  • Meet Shannon

    "As a Certified Financial Planner, it is my passion to help individuals and families build a healthy relationship with money. I look forward to helping you raise financially confident kids.” - Shannon Ryan