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The Thankful Jar

      Instilling gratitude in kids and teens is hard.  The Thankful Jar is a simple exercise for the month of November to help kids to start thinking about what they are truly thankful for.  Studies show that kids and adults have a higher satisfaction with their financial lives when they practice being thankful for what they have.

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Why Forgiveness is Key to FInding Money Happiness |
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Why Forgiveness is Key to Money Happiness

As a Certified Financial Planner, I’ve heard every excuse under the sun for past money mistakes and listened as people rationalized or justified their overspending. I get it. Before we’re ready to accept responsibility for our choices, we tend to deflect our culpability in creating the situation. We blame credit card companies, marketers, reality tv shows promoting exaggerated lifestyles, endless social media bragging and so on for creating a culture

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"The 7 Benefits of Money Happiness |
Money Happiness

The 7 Benefits of Money Happiness

Every day I meet with people seeking … something. Sometimes it is wealth. Or financial security or freedom. To achieve a goal or dream of retirement, buying a home or sending their children to college. But ultimately, what they truly want is money happiness. They want to use their money in a way that brings joy, not guilt, into their lives, every day.

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3 Keys to Unlock Money Happiness | #money #happiness
Money Happiness

Unlock Your Money Happiness in 3 Steps

We all have our own ideas of what money happiness looks like (as we should) and the amount of money that we seek certainly differs from one another too. We often times mistakenly believe how much money we have matters more than what we do with it. But once you pay your bills and put food on your table, the amount of joy you derive from your money, regardless of

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The 5 Commandments to Money Happiness |
Money Happiness

The 5 Commandments of Money Happiness

Gratitude has always played a significant role in my daily life, and as we enter the holiday season its impact magnifies. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and my oldest daughter, Lauren, celebrates her birthday this month. It’s a time of incredible blessings and a chance for me to reflect upon the past year. There are thousands of little lessons that I want to teach my daughters, but if

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