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Money Conversations with Your Kids

What money conversations are you having with your kids?? Verbally and Nonverbally?

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Teaching your children about the connection between emotions and money.

Teaching your children about the connection between emotions and money is an important foundation in teaching the life skill of financial literacy.  

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Monday Money Smarts 4-22-19

Money and Emotions  

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Children and Money, Monday Money Smarts, Money Conversations, Videos

Monday Money Smarts

Tips for helping you raise money smart kids. Allow your children to participate in making money decisions.

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Money Conversations

Disney Cruise Review and Vacation Money Lessons

As many of you know, we just returned from our Mediterranean Disney Cruise, which we had planned and saved for the past two years. We spent 5 days in Barcelona and 12 days on the Disney Magic, visiting the French Rivera, Rome, Greece and Turkey. The trip lived up to our ship’s name and was truly magical.

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Riding in Cars with Boys: The Money Edition

As I drive my kids from activity to activity, or simply to the store to run a quick errand, I’ve discovered one of the greatest gifts – I suddenly have a captive audience. No TV, no computer, no random toy on the floor. In short, no distractions, and as such, it’s the perfect time for a little conversation.

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How to Talk to Your Kids about Family Debt

I often get asked when parents should start talking to their kids about money. My father started his Money Lessons with me when I was thirteen, but I began teaching my girls when they were only toddlers. It’s my belief that children as young as age three begin observing their parents’ money habits.

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The Power of Money Conversations with Kids

During a family ski trip to Mammoth this past winter, my youngest daughter, Taylor, came running into our room with big tears rolling down her cheeks and sobbing hysterically. Like any good Mom, I quickly ran to her to find out what caused this avalanche of tears. The culprit? A broken iPod Touch.

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