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Investing 101: Stock

What is a Stock? How to you introduce the concept to your children? In this video I give you some practical ideas.

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Teaching your children about the connection between emotions and money.

Teaching your children about the connection between emotions and money is an important foundation in teaching the life skill of financial literacy.  

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Taxes- Week 3: How do you help your High School student estimate their withholdings or exemptions on their W-4.

  When your child gets their first job they will have to fill out a W-4 for withholdings on their income.  This is the perfect time to teach them how to estimate those exemptions and then how to check if they have it right!  This week I walk you through how to do this with your high school student when they get their first job.

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Teaching your kids about Taxes- Week 1

Taxes, where do you start teaching your kids about them? In this video I give you an idea to start teaching your elementary age kids about taxes.

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Monday Money Smarts! February 11, 2019

Today I kick off our new topic!  Creating a Financial Foundation.

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Monday Money Smarts: November 26, 2018

    Teaching your kids to be money smart one week at a time!  

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Black Friday! 8 Tips to not break your Black Friday Budget

  Black Friday provides a great opportunity to teach your children about retail shopping. In this Vlog I discuss my top 8 tips to help navigate Black Friday.

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Showing Gratitude = You Happier!

Teaching our kids gratitude is a life skill that can bring them years of increased happiness, not only financially but in all aspects of their daily lives. Parents too!

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Life Skills

Life Skills Every Child Needs to Learn

As I have shared with you before, motherhood wasn’t initially on my radar for many, many years. When Chris and I got married, we were both very focused on building our careers and exploring the world together. We both watched, with genuine delight, as siblings and friends became Moms and Dads and loved spoiling our nieces and nephews, but we still weren’t ready to become parents ourselves. After 13 years

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