How To Talk to Kids about Money (ages 0-7) |
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Three ways to prevent money from becoming a Taboo Topic in your home.

Money is statistically one of the most taboo topics!! In this video I discuss three ways to help your family avoid making money a taboo topic in your home.

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Monday Money Smarts 3-11-19

Happy Monday!! This week we start our series on Teaching Kids about Taxes.

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Financial Foundation: Week 4- Insurance/ Risk Management

Risk management is a key part of a strong financial foundation.  Today I share a story about an experience I had early in my career that had a deep impact on how I think about risk planning.

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Monday Money Smarts! February 11, 2019

Today I kick off our new topic!  Creating a Financial Foundation.

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5 Holiday Do’s That Put You On The Nice List

Last week we talked about what NOT to do during the holidays. This week, we discuss what you should do to have a stress-free, budget friendly and happy holiday.

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5 Holiday Mistakes That Will Put You on The Naughty List

Don’t end up on the Naughty List! These 5 tips will help you manage your money, time and sanity through the holidays!

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Black Friday! 8 Tips to not break your Black Friday Budget

  Black Friday provides a great opportunity to teach your children about retail shopping. In this Vlog I discuss my top 8 tips to help navigate Black Friday.

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The Most Important “Money Lesson”

On this journey of teaching our children financial literacy, this is the most important lesson for us as parents.      

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Money and Your Finances: How Do They Affect You?
Emotional Competence

7 Emotions and Their Affect On Your Finances

One basic principle that can help everyone manage their finances better is understanding money is emotional. It was one of the very first lessons my father taught me because he knew I needed to be able to recognize when my emotions were interfering with my ability to make value-based decisions, thus slowing down or preventing goal achievement. Thanks to my father’s guidance, I have a very good grasp on my

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How To Make Value-Based Decisions in a Judgmental World |
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How To Make Value-Based Decisions in a Judgmental World

My father was a great financial role model to me and my sisters and taught us so much about owning our financial power. One of his best lessons was to make value-based decisions, rather than emotional ones. Now imagine trying to impart this lesson on a teenage girl who is 90% emotional. He had his work cut out for him! Thankfully, he persevered, and it remains a lesson that I

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