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Financial Foundation- Week 3: Debt

Debt: Why it is important to understand how it happens and how to help your children build habits that will help them minimize consumer debt.

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Cash Reserves, Credit Card Debt, Debt, Financial Foundation, Videos

Creating a Financial Foundation- Part 1

This is the first installment of of creating a Financial Foundation.  A strong financial foundation can lead to greater financial success.  This installment talks about understanding your cost of living to establish a cash reserve that is in alignment with your needs.

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How to Handle The “I Want’s”

A young child having a tantrum because their parents refused to cave to their “I wants” isn’t an unusual sight. But what about adults? Do we magically stop “wanting” once we become adults? I don’t think so. While we may have outgrown tantrums, we don’t always handle our grown-up “wants” much better than we did as kids.

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