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Monday Money Smarts 7-22-19

How do children learn? How do you learn? Raising financially savvy children, one experience at a time.

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Taxes: Week 2- Teaching your kids about filing income taxes

Taxes Week 2:  This week I talk about where to start teaching your kids about filing taxes.  It is a life skill that intimidates us all!!

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Monday Money Smarts- 3-4-19

  I recall my experience on Good Morning America. Our story was around life insurance on a stay at home mom.

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Monday Money Smarts! February 11, 2019

Today I kick off our new topic!  Creating a Financial Foundation.

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Do You Know The #1 Reason People Stay In Credit Card Debt?

“How do I get out of credit card debt?” I’ll tell you the one reason that consistently keeps people in credit card debt.

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3 Easy Ways to Teach Kids to Think for Themselves, Financially.

    How do we teach our kids to think for themselves?  We let them!  In this video I will talk about three easy ways to help your children with financial decision making.

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3 Rules to Make Gift Giving Fun and Easy | www.TheHeavyPurse.com

3 Rules to Make Gift-Giving Easy and Fun

Gift-giving if something that brings out mixed emotions in most of us. It can be a huge pain, racing around from store-to-store in search of the perfect gift. And not to mention, it can fuel those troublesome “keep up” urges, which can make us cast aside our budget. But then, there is nothing better than watching a loved one unwrap a gift that makes their eyes light up with joy

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How to Flip the Switch and Develop a Budget Mindset

Budgets can be very polarizing; you either love or hate them. For many people, they are a dirty word. Often times, it is because they are worried about living beyond their means and know a budget would prove it. They are not ready to face their reality yet. Let me take the fear out of budgeting and show you how to make one work for you.

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