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Monday Money Smarts 7-22-19

How do children learn? How do you learn? Raising financially savvy children, one experience at a time.

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Investing 101: Risk and Time Horizon

Understanding Risk and Time Horizon enables your children to make appropriate investment choices for their goals. Why using “piggy bank” savings is NOT a good method to teach this lesson.

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Monday Money Smarts 7-15-19

Value Stock vs Growth Stock

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Investing 101: Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is an important part of the investment conversation with your kids. What is Asset Allocation? Here is an easy way to start the conversation.

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Monday Money Smarts, Videos

Monday Money Smarts 7-8-19

Education on investing is key to your children’s future investing success.

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Investing 101: What is a Bond

What is a Bond and how do you teach your kids about bonds?? Build a financial term foundation starting with the basics of bonds.

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Monday Money Smarts, Videos

Monday Money Smarts 7-1-2019

Sell in May and Go Away??

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