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Monday Morning Money Smarts – February 25, 2019

Debt: How it happens and how to help your children build good habits to avoid consumer debt.  

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Creating a Financial Foundation- Part 2: Cash Reserves

Part Two of Creating a Financial Foundation- Cash Reserves.  Why is a cash reserve so important?  How to build one that is right for you!

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Monday Money Smarts


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Creating a Financial Foundation- Part 1

This is the first installment of of creating a Financial Foundation.  A strong financial foundation can lead to greater financial success.  This installment talks about understanding your cost of living to establish a cash reserve that is in alignment with your needs.

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Monday Money Smarts! February 11, 2019

Today I kick off our new topic!  Creating a Financial Foundation.

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WEEK 4: You’ve Reached Your Goal, Now What?

This week, we discuss what you should do when you achieve a financial goal, no matter how small.

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Week 3: What Could Derail You

We’ve decided what your goals are and took an honest look at where you are financially. This week, we are talking about what could possibly derail you on your journey to financial success.

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