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Investment Portfolios: 5 things to teach your kids.

Where do you start teaching your kids about investment portfolios? Start with these 5 things.

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Monday Money Smarts 9-9-2019

The money lesson wealthy parents teach their children.    

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Investment Portfolios- Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, OH MY

When teaching your kids about investments portfolios what is the first lesson?

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Monday Money Smarts 9-2-19

Budgets, your kids and guilt!

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Retirement – What we learn from our Family

Our family of origin can have a significant impact on our money emotions and how we save for retirement.

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Monday Money Smarts 8-26-19

When is one of the best times to teach your kids about Retirement??

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Social Security: How do you introduce this retirement topic to your kids.

      How do you start teaching your kids about Social Security? It is a confusing topic, even for adults. This video points you towards your resources and the #1 thing to teach your kids to do every year they earn income.  

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