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Back to School Shopping Tip #5: Be a Smart Shopper

Back to School Shopping Tip #5: Be a Smart Shopper

Ready, set, shop! Yes, it’s time to head out to the stores and buy your back to school supplies and clothes. But don’t rush out the door yet, I recommend taking a few minutes to do some comparison shopping first to increase your savings.

Step 5: Be a Smart Shopper

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to find the best deals before you even leave your home. Your children have refined their lists and are ready for another challenge—to find the best price for the things they need and want. Remind them that many stores have back-to-school coupons and sales that can help stretch their budget.

Part of being a smart shopper and empowering good decisions is knowing when to make compromises. My daughter needed jeans and really wanted a pair of colored jeans. We saved over $40 by comparing prices at three different retailers. She got the jeans she needed and wanted and put $40 back into her budget for other purchases. Win-win.

It amazed me how much easier back-to-school shopping was this year. I felt good about the amount of money spent and teaching my girls that sticking to a budget can actually be fun and freeing.

I hope you found this series valuable. If you have any back-to-school shopping questions, please email me at sh*****@th***********.com or post your question on The Heavy Purse facebook page.

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