9 Great Father’s Day Gifts from Free to Indulgent

9 Great Father's Day Gifts from Free to Indulgent | www.TheHeavyPurse.comEditor’s Note: Tanya from Eat Laugh Purr is back to share some ideas for your Father’s Day gift this year. She has every budget covered from no-cost to spare-no-expense gifts that will make your Dad feel like the King of the World. If you’re interested in guesting posting at The Heavy Purse, please read our guidelines before submitting your request. Thank you!

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I’m ready. No last minute shopping or panic for Tanya this year. Of course, I actually only send cards to my Dad and Grandpa and call, but the cards are purchased and full of potty humor, just like they enjoy. Seriously! I know what they like. šŸ™‚

Celebrating all the wonderful things Dads do for their families is a monumental task. Fortunately, I found some great gift ideas to fit any budget because a meaningful gift doesn’t have to be expensive, although it is perfectly acceptable to splurge and spoil your Dad too, provided your budget permits.

Free Gift Ideas for Dad

These are great, creative gifts for Dads that don’t cost anything (or very, very little) beyond some ingenuity and elbow grease on your part.

Customized Coupon Book

This is a classic gift and so easy to customize to what Dad would appreciate the most. Some coupons might include doing some of his chores, like taking out the garbage, washing his car, mowing the lawn or completing a honey-do project from his to-do list. Just make sure that you (or the kids) can actually handle the tasks and do them well. šŸ™‚ Also add some touchy feeling coupons for free hugs and kisses too.

A Father’s Day Home Video

Thanks to our smartphones, almost everyone has a video camera, so let out your inner Spielberg or Scorsese and create a special video just for Dad. You could make a highlight reel from some of the big family activities and gatherings from the past year or invite family and friends to share funny (and sentimental) stories about your Dad on camera.

Cook His Favorite Meal or Treat

In my home, food is one way we express our love and create memories. Cooking and/or baking your Dad’s favorite meal or treat is definitely one way to impress him. Simple pleasures are often the best, and there is nothing better than sitting down with loved ones to enjoy a delicious, homemade meal together.

Inexpensive or Low-Cost Gift Ideas for Dad

Some affordable and fun gifts that your Dad will love and appreciate.

Artisan Beer or Homemade Beer Kits

If your Dad is a beer aficionado, than this is a gift he will enjoy immensely. Brewing your own beer has become a very popular hobby, and one your father may be interested in starting. Because there are both ongoing costs and time associated with this gift, check first to make sure this is something he honestly doesn’t mind. Otherwise, enroll in him in a Beer of the Month Club or purchase some great artisanal or unique beers for him to savor on a hot summer day.

BBQ Accoutrements for the Grill Master

Is the only kind of cooking your Dad does over a grill? And more importantly — does he love it? If so, he would likely welcome some new tools from basic tongs and brushes to unique gadgets like branding irons or a BBQ skewer sword. If he doesn’t need any tools, consider buying some top-choice cuts of his favorite meats and make some homemade spice rubs, so he can show-off his superb grilling skills at his next BBQ.

Tools, Games or Manly Stuff

My Dad is not a beer drinker or a grill master so this is the bucket where I normally buy gifts for him. He does like tools, however, and he kindly includes a picture of the tool he wants with his list. (It’s possible I may have bought the wrong tool in the past). Sure, the sales clerk might give me a strange look but at least he gets the tool he wants! Men seem to universally like power tools, games from Monopoly to poker or whatever they deem as manly. If you’re not exactly sure what a manly present is, let him figure it out for himself with a gift certificate to his favorite store. šŸ™‚

Indulgent Gifts for Dad

If your budget permits, go ahead and spoil your Dad. He likely deserves it after surviving your teenage years. Or at least my Dad does.

Take Him Out to ā€¦ a Live Event

If your Dad loves sports but only watches games on TV, he will be thrilled when you take him to see his favorite ā€¦ baseball, football or basketball ā€¦ team in person. Maybe your Dad isn’t a fan of sports but loves music, monster track rallies, Nascar or riding roller coasters. All things he might enjoy doing but wouldn’t necessarily spend the money on tickets for himself. If you can afford it, do it for him.

Treat Him (and Mom) to a Vacation

Everyone needs a little R&R, including Dad. If it has been years since your Dad enjoyed a true vacation, tell him to pack his bags because he’s going on a holiday. Make sure it is a place that your parents want to visit and can easily get around. Be upfront about what you will pay for (i.e. airfare and hotel room) and make sure they can comfortably pay any remaining expenses themselves. This vacation is supposed to be treat, not a burden. Maybe even consider joining them for part of the trip, if that would make it fun, not stressful. Sometimes parents and kids have different ideas of what is a good time!

The All-Purpose Gift: Dealer’s Choice

Of course, the best gift of all is one that your Dad truly wants, so ask him. He most likely will say “nothing” because that is what parents do. But apply a little pressure and he will eventually share some ideas with you, especially if you threaten him with some awful gifts first. šŸ™‚ Because at the end of the day, this is Dad’s special day, so make sure it is a memorable and fun day for him.

What has been the best Father’s Day gift you’ve received or given? The worst?

TanyaTanya is a freelance writer, web designer and blogger. You can find her at Eat Laugh Purr where she and her ginger tabby, Max, enjoy simple pleasures every day and at TV Fanatic reviewing Madam Secretary and more. Connect with Tanya on twitter and Pinterest. And please, no judgement on the number of cat pins I have.
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  1. Friday, June 12th, 2015
    I always enjoy spending time with my children, that's the best gift I can receive on father's day!
    • Sunday, June 14th, 2015
      I think that is many dad's idea of a great Father's Day, Brian. Sadly, I can't be with my Dad on Father's Day but I just booked a ticket to go home later this summer! Have a great Father's day!
  2. Friday, June 12th, 2015
    All great ideas Tanya! Like Brian, I'm always just happy to get a day with the kids as that is the best gift I could get. :) My wife will usually get me a 6 or 12 pack of craft beer and make a nice meal so that makes for a perfect day. :)
    • Sunday, June 14th, 2015
      Nice! It's really those simple pleasures that make the day so special. Have a great Father's day, John!
  3. Friday, June 12th, 2015
    This is a great list! My hubby is a big Steeler's fan, so I love Father's Day because it gives me and our son another excuse to get my hubby something with a Steeler's logo on it. This year it's a grill apron.
    • Sunday, June 14th, 2015
      I bet he will love the Steeler's apron! Father's Day definitely gives us a good excuse to pamper the great Dads in our life. :)
  4. Friday, June 12th, 2015
    Great tips! I think it really depends on what your Dad's interests are. My Dad is nearly impossible to shop for. For people who are used to their parents picking up the tab when you get together, I think paying for your own meal and *gasp* your parent's as well is a great way to bless them on Father's Day (or any day for that matter).
    • Sunday, June 14th, 2015
      Yes - some people are soooooo difficult to buy presents for. My parents are really good about being honest about what they would like (and my Dad is super helpful with the pictures!), which makes it easier and ensures that I'm actually getting something they would enjoy. Picking up the tab is such a great idea too and a nice way to thanks for all those meals you've bought for me. :)
  5. Friday, June 12th, 2015
    Aside from giving my father a manly stuff (giving him Milwaukee M18 Vacuumr), I am doing his chores or helping him more with his chores at home for a week. This would be one of the perfect gifts to my Dad. Great tips Tanya.
    • Sunday, June 14th, 2015
      He's going to loves those gifts, Jayson, especially helping out with the chores! Plus, spending all that extra time with you will be a nice added bonus too!
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