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Investing 101: Stock

What is a Stock? How to you introduce the concept to your children? In this video I give you some practical ideas.

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How to teach your kids about Compounding Interest.

Where do you start the conversation about investments with your kids? Start with the “why”, compounding interest.

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Monday Money Smarts 6-17-19

Compounding Interest:  The 8th WONDER of the world??

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Wednesday Wisdom: Investing in “The Markets”

When people say they are investing in “The Markets” what are they really investing in?? What are the different markets to invest in? In this video I cover the 4 broad markets that most Americans invest in.

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Monday Money Smarts 6-10-19

How many American invest in the Stock and Bond Markets after 2007?

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Monday Money Smarts 6-3-19

Lauren Ryan shares how learning to live with in a clothing budget since age 8 has taught her about budgeting.

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