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Money Conversations

When do you have money conversations with your kids?!?! Sometimes they are at the most unexpected times. Money conversations should not be a lecture but a fluid conversation.

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Investing and Risk?

What is investing? Why is it important to start this conversation with a focus on risk tolerance? Risk is an important part of investment considerations, in this video I will discuss how do you start to teaching your kids about risk and investing.

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Monday Money Smarts, Videos

Monday Money Smarts 5-20-19

Investing is like a roller coaster.

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Wednesday Wisdom: The Family Financial Meeting

A Family Financial Meeting: What is it and why is it important?

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Family Meeting, Monday Money Smarts

Monday Money Smarts 5-13-19

How do kids learn about money?

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Money Conversations with Your Kids

What money conversations are you having with your kids?? Verbally and Nonverbally?

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Monday Money Smarts, Videos

Monday Money Smarts 5-6-2019

Do you ever get really hard money questions from your kids??  What do you say?

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How To Talk to Kids about Money (ages 0-7) |
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Three ways to prevent money from becoming a Taboo Topic in your home.

Money is statistically one of the most taboo topics!! In this video I discuss three ways to help your family avoid making money a taboo topic in your home.

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