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Taxes- Week 3: How do you help your High School student estimate their withholdings or exemptions on their W-4.

  When your child gets their first job they will have to fill out a W-4 for withholdings on their income.  This is the perfect time to teach them how to estimate those exemptions and then how to check if they have it right!  This week I walk you through how to do this with your high school student when they get their first job.

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Monday Money Smarts! 3-25-19

Taxes, kids and knowing what effective tax you pay.

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Taxes: Week 2- Teaching your kids about filing income taxes

Taxes Week 2:  This week I talk about where to start teaching your kids about filing taxes.  It is a life skill that intimidates us all!!

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Monday Money Smarts

Monday Money Smarts


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Teaching your kids about Taxes- Week 1

Taxes, where do you start teaching your kids about them? In this video I give you an idea to start teaching your elementary age kids about taxes.

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Monday Money Smarts 3-11-19

Happy Monday!! This week we start our series on Teaching Kids about Taxes.

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Financial Foundation: Week 4- Insurance/ Risk Management

Risk management is a key part of a strong financial foundation.  Today I share a story about an experience I had early in my career that had a deep impact on how I think about risk planning.

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Monday Money Smarts- 3-4-19

  I recall my experience on Good Morning America. Our story was around life insurance on a stay at home mom.

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