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Which way should I go? The importance of setting financial goals.

Shannon Ryan of The Heavy Purse, LLC shares one of her favorite character interactions in a book to discuss the importance of setting financial goals for you and your family.

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Why I Named My Company “The Heavy Purse”

In this video, I explain why I named my company, “The Heavy Purse.” I also touch on the importance of talking to your kids about the weight of money in their life.

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How to Raise Financially Confident Kids

How do we help our kids find financial happiness? Through helping them understand good money habits and identifying money emotions.  This Vlog shows you how to do this in two easy steps.

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  • Meet Shannon

    "As a Certified Financial Planner, it is my passion to help individuals and families build a healthy relationship with money. I look forward to helping you raise financially confident kids.” - Shannon Ryan