How To Make Value-Based Decisions in a Judgmental World |
Emotional Competence

How To Make Value-Based Decisions in a Judgmental World

My father was a great financial role model to me and my sisters and taught us so much about owning our financial power. One of his best lessons was to make value-based decisions, rather than emotional ones. Now imagine trying to impart this lesson on a teenage girl who is 90% emotional. He had his work cut out for him! Thankfully, he persevered, and it remains a lesson that I

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13 Fun and Easy DIY Holiday Gifts |

13 Easy and Affordable DIY Holiday Gifts

Editor’s Note: Tanya from Eat Laugh Purr is back to share some more great holiday gift ideas with us. It will be nine years since I moved to LA (thanks Shannon!) in just a couple of weeks. I’ve accepted the fact that the 405 is always a parking lot, the high cost-of-living near the beach and that the Terminator was once our governor, but I still struggle with celebrating Christmas

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Financially Real

5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Right Now

Fall officially begins on September 23. It may not feel very Fall-like in Southern California at the moment, but soon the air will turn cooler, the leaves will begin to fall and the days will grow shorter. We will fill our free moments with favorite Fall activities, like sipping pumpkin lattes as we carve spooky or silly faces into pumpkins with our kids. It’s one of my favorite times of

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Odd Jobs that Make Good Money #Infographic |

25 Odd Jobs that Make Good Money #Infographic

These days people want passion and career to mesh and ultimately turn into their dream job with excellent earning capabilities. This is the American Dream, after all. What constitutes as someone’s passion and an excellent earning is, of course, personal and subjective, but most people tend to think traditional jobs when they think of high-paying professions. However, that is not always the case. Doctors, lawyers and IT gurus don’t own

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Why Forgiveness is Key to FInding Money Happiness |
Money Happiness, Uncategorized

Why Forgiveness is Key to Money Happiness

As a Certified Financial Planner, I’ve heard every excuse under the sun for past money mistakes and listened as people rationalized or justified their overspending. I get it. Before we’re ready to accept responsibility for our choices, we tend to deflect our culpability in creating the situation. We blame credit card companies, marketers, reality tv shows promoting exaggerated lifestyles, endless social media bragging and so on for creating a culture

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Blog Round-Up: Fall Edition
Weekly Roundup

Blog Round-Up: Fall Edition

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day and didn’t work too hard. šŸ™‚ It’s been sweltering hot all week, which isn’t much fun when you’re busy unpacking box after box (and sometimes questioning why you have all this stuff). We finally moved into our new home and we love it! Or we will when everything is in its place and we can enjoy it.

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Happy Labor Day |
The Heavy Purse

Happy Labor Day

Once we celebrate Labor Day, it always signals the start of Fall to me. The girls are back in school and the weather begins to cool down. But not too much for us here in Southern California! šŸ™‚ It’s my favorite time of the year, so I’m going to enjoy spending time with my family instead of laboring today. It’s my hope that you’ll be able to enjoy some down-time

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15 Fabulous and Frugal Date Night Ideas |
Couples and Money

15 Fabulous but Frugal Date Night Ideas

Editor’s Note: Tanya from Eat Laugh Purr is back with some fabulous but frugal date night ideas for you and your sweetheart. Whether you’ve been married for more years than you’ve been single or are in the first blush of love or are somewhere in between, to keep romance alive and well, you still need to enjoy the occasional date night. Some date nights are meant to be celebratory where

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