How To Remain Emotionally Competent during Market Volatility |
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How To Stay Emotionally Competent During Market Volatility

A week ago, we woke-up on a Monday morning to find the stock market in a massive downward spiral, falling more than 1,000 points within minutes of the opening bell. It was the worst start since the financial crisis in 2008, bringing back many bad memories and investor fears. The media was filled with doom and gloom stories as we began to mentally prepare ourselves for the worst.

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33 Facts You Didn't Know about Money #infographic |

33 Facts You Didn’t Know about Money

This week has been a huge roller coaster in the markets, which has left many investors feeling uncertain. As you can imagine, my week has been very busy answering questions and alleviating fears. I know many of you have similar questions and concerns as well. Next Monday, I’ll talk some more on the recent market volatility and more importantly — how to respond to market swings.

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Your Money and Your Happiness #Infographic |

Money and Happiness #Infographic

One of the most popular topics on The Heavy Purse and when I’m invited to speak at public or Corporate events is money happiness. It seems so elusive or make-believe to many. Too often we spend money emotionally, which typically leaves us feeling even more emotional afterwards. Now we are filled with regret, shame and even defiance over the items we purchased as we justify the costs to ourselves and/or

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Financially Sound Podcast

Financially Sound Podcast #4: Financial Happiness

In my latest Financially Sound Podcast, I’m going deep on one of my favorite topics — financial happiness. Financial happiness is our holy grail or what we all seek. We want to use our money in a way that makes us feel good, not guilty or full of regret afterwards. Unfortunately, for many people, financial happiness seems out-of-reach due to debt or because they live paycheck-to-paycheck. Well, the good news

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15 Money and Life Lessons for College Freshmen |

15 Money and Life Lessons for College Freshmen

Tanya from Eat Laugh Purr is back to share some practical advice to college freshman. Everyone has heard of The Freshman 15. Those dreaded fifteen pounds that somehow magically find their way on to your hips, gut, butt and/or thighs. It’s not an urban legend, folks. It’s something almost every single freshman will battle. But carrying a few extra pounds isn’t the only danger freshman face. There is also a

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Back To School Shopping Trends #Infographic |
Back to School

Back to School Shopping Trends: Kids Vs Parents

Kids and parents often have differing views when it comes to what’s most important on the back-to-school shopping list. A survey by confirmed this when they asked parents what topped their back-to-school list and what they “think” their kids want. Not surprisingly, school supplies ranked highly on Mom and Dad’s list while they fell to last place on their kids list. It doesn’t surprise me to see such disparity

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5 Business Traps All Businesses Must Avoid |
Guest Posts

Five Financial Traps All Businesses Must Avoid

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to welcome Jessica Kane to The Heavy Purse. If you’re interested in guest posting, please review our guidelines. Take it away, Jessica … Inc. magazine reports that one in every five start-up businesses will fail within the first five years of operation. Ouch! The culprit, the editorial states, is “passion.” While passion – defined as zeal and dedication to a good idea – is a necessary

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Money Saving Back To School Shopping Tips |
Back to School

Smart Back To School Shopping Tips that Save Money

The stores are filled with shiny new school supplies and my inbox and mailbox are stuffed with flyers promoting all the must-have items for the school year. It can be a bit overwhelming, which makes it easy to overspend. It took us a few tries but now the girls and I are seasoned vets when it comes to managing our back-to-school budget. In fact, it’s something we look forward to

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