Finding Financial Freedom this 4th of July |
Financially Real

Find Financial Freedom this 4th of July

It’s hard to believe, but we are just mere days away from celebrating the 4th of July in the United States. I know many of my readers are gearing up to celebrate the holiday by heading to nearby parks and beaches to spend time with family and friends. We enjoy the holiday with plenty of sun, sand and surf, along with good food and the company of our friends and

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8 TIps to Detox Your Spending Habits |
Guest Posts

8 Tips to Detoxify Your Spending Habits

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to introduce Andrea Woroch to The Heavy Purse. Andrea is a nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert who has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, Good Morning America, FOX & Friends and many other programs. Detoxing is all the rage right now, with celebrities and consumers alike looking for the next best thing to flush out their systems and get healthy. While a detox is most often associated

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Launching The Financially Sound Podcast with Shannon Ryan |
Financially Sound Podcast

The Financially Sound Podcast with Shannon Ryan

When I launched The Heavy Purse three years ago, it was my intention to help increase awareness around financial literacy, particularly the importance of parents talking to their kids about money. I had many hopes and dreams but many unknowns too. This was new territory for me, which was both exhilarating and scary. This leap of faith allowed me to share my knowledge and passion with you, which has been

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Blog Round-Up: June Edition |
Weekly Roundup

Blog Round-Up: June Edition

The girls had their last day of school this week and are now enjoying their summer vacation and feeling good. Mom and Dad are feeling a little stressed. The older the girls get, the busier their lives become! We both love that they are so active, but it does mean we spend a lot of time making sure we know who is going where and who is acting as their

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3 Rules to Make Gift Giving Fun and Easy |

3 Rules to Make Gift-Giving Easy and Fun

Gift-giving if something that brings out mixed emotions in most of us. It can be a huge pain, racing around from store-to-store in search of the perfect gift. And not to mention, it can fuel those troublesome “keep up” urges, which can make us cast aside our budget. But then, there is nothing better than watching a loved one unwrap a gift that makes their eyes light up with joy

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9 Great Father's Day Gifts from Free to Indulgent |

9 Great Father’s Day Gifts from Free to Indulgent

Editor’s Note: Tanya from Eat Laugh Purr is back to share some ideas for your Father’s Day gift this year. She has every budget covered from no-cost to spare-no-expense gifts that will make your Dad feel like the King of the World. If you’re interested in guesting posting at The Heavy Purse, please read our guidelines before submitting your request. Thank you! Father’s Day is fast approaching and I’m ready.

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"The 7 Benefits of Money Happiness |
Money Happiness

The 7 Benefits of Money Happiness

Every day I meet with people seeking … something. Sometimes it is wealth. Or financial security or freedom. To achieve a goal or dream of retirement, buying a home or sending their children to college. But ultimately, what they truly want is money happiness. They want to use their money in a way that brings joy, not guilt, into their lives, every day.

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Summer Vacation Planning and Saving Tips #Infographic

On Monday, I shared some valuable family vacation money lessons you can weave into your next trip together. I’m a huge proponent of finding teachable money moments to help avoid the dreaded money lectures that neither you or your kids enjoy. From personal experience, I know vacations offer plenty of learning opportunities for both parents and kids.

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4 Family Vacation Money Lessons for Kids |
Children and Money

4 Family Vacation Money Lessons for Kids

June is here and many families are busy prepping for their annual summer family vacation. While the main purpose of a family vacation may be to have fun, they also offer ample opportunities to teach your kids some valuable money lessons. We love to travel and utilize that passion to help teach Lauren and Taylor how to make smart choices with their money.

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