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Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Wants

From young children shouting “I want” to grown-up “I wants”, wanting has a bad reputation. But has it earned that reputation? It’s true that buying everything we want mindlessly can get us into trouble, but wanting itself is not actually bad. It’s human nature. Nevertheless, people still feel bad when they want something — practical or frivolous, although the differentiation between the two may vary from person to person. Do

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Weekly Roundup

Blog Round-Up: Week of July 28, 2014

It’s already August and I can’t believe how fast this summer is zooming by. It seems like the girls just got out of school, but they head back in a few weeks to my delight. 🙂 We have plenty of things to accomplish before that happens and my to-do list never shrinks. Actually I’m not sure if a parent’s to-do’s list is ever completed!

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