Money Excuses: Go From Can’t to Can Do

This week, my friend, Kim, over at Eyes on the Dollar has been focusing on the money excuses we make and invited us to write about some of the excuses we regularly hear. Ironically on Monday, I already debunked a popular excuse/myth that teaching kids about money ruins their childhood. It doesn’t. If anything, it makes their childhood better. Since money excuses hold so many people back from living the

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Kids Should Be Kids AND Learn about Money |
Children and Money

Kids Should Be Kids AND Learn about Money

When I talk to parents about teaching their children how to handle money, I get a variety of responses from nodding heads to flashes of panic and fear to outright disapproval. Often times when parents start getting resistant, I know what their argument will be: Kids should be kids and we don’t need to talk to them about money. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s a myth. This belief

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