How To Regain Your Financial Confidence after Debt |

How To Regain your Financial Confidence After Debt

Debt robs us of so much, including our confidence. Most people spend a period of time where they are happily in debt, blissfully unaware of the danger lurking behind those shiny credit cards. After all, debt is a giver. It gave them a home, education, vehicles, clothes, vacations, a big-screen TV and so on. But once the debt veil is lifted, suddenly they see things very differently, especially when living

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Emotional Competence

Fear or Joy: How Do You View Money?

When my father told me money was emotional, I was initially surprised because I had never really thought about it in that manner until then. But it made sense. My emotions definitely influenced how I used and handled money, even though I was only thirteen years old. The memories of lean times and unspoken money fears still lingered years later. My father told me money was a gift and should

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The Money Taboo Cycle: How to Break It #Infographic

I talk frequently about money being taboo in most homes here at The Heavy Purse for a reason: Every day I talk to parents who are doing so many things right to help their kids succeed but don’t talk to them about money. In fact, when I mention it to them, most often they seemed surprised. Most of us grew up in homes where money wasn’t discussed, so it’s not

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