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Unveiling the New Heavy Purse Website

No, you are not at the wrong place! The Heavy Purse has undergone a makeover, and I hope you love it as much as I do. While we are no longer as “pink” as before, this is probably a bit more inviting to the guys. 🙂 Special thanks to Tanya for doing such a great job! I’m really excited about the Get Started page. As you know, financial literacy is

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Creating Money Transparency in Relationships |
Couples and Money

Creating Money Transparency in a Relationship

One area that couples frequently struggle with is discussing money. It’s a topic that was unlikely openly talked about in many homes, which makes it harder for couples to create a money system for themselves. Our parents may have even had a great system but because they never discussed it, we assume money just automatically falls into place. While that’s certainly possible, the reality is it takes a bit of

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  • Meet Shannon

    "As a Certified Financial Planner, it is my passion to help individuals and families build a healthy relationship with money. I look forward to helping you raise financially confident kids.” - Shannon Ryan