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Master Your Finances in 12 Months

We’re kicking off 2019 with a month to month guide to building your best financial life.

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Monday Money Smarts 2019

  HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s so good to be back. 2019 is the year you get your financial house in order. Join me as I launch a program that will help you and your family establish great financial habits throughout the year!

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Monday Money Smarts: November 26, 2018

    Teaching your kids to be money smart one week at a time!  

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Which way should I go? The importance of setting financial goals.

Shannon Ryan of The Heavy Purse, LLC shares one of her favorite character interactions in a book to discuss the importance of setting financial goals for you and your family.

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Children and Money, Financial Literacy, Financial Success, Goal-Setting, Tips

How to Raise Financially Confident Kids

How do we help our kids find financial happiness? Through helping them understand good money habits and identifying money emotions.  This Vlog shows you how to do this in two easy steps.

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Children and Money, Financial Literacy, Goal-Setting

Raising Financially Confident Kids- Lesson 1- Setting Family Goals

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Financial Success

Achieving Financial Success

What is Financial Success?   Are you financially successful? In this video I share my perspective on financial success after 25 years of helping people with their money.    

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Financial Literacy

What is Financial Literacy?

  Financial Literacy is a critical LIFE SKILL.  What is financial literacy and why is it so important?      

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Welcome Back!

Welcome!!   After being silent for almost two years, I am returning to The Heavy Purse.   Please watch the video to see what I have been up to.  Shannon  

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I Resolve to Break the Money Taboo Cycle in My Home |
Financial Literacy

Resolve to Break the Money Taboo Cycle in Your Home

It continues to sadden me to see how money remains a taboo topic in many homes. Even worse, so few people realize the high price of keeping money secrets. January is the month most people set goals, which frequently have some sort of financial component to them, whether it’s getting out of debt or saving money for the things you want. Those are excellent goals and give you a chance

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  • Meet Shannon

    "As a Certified Financial Planner, it is my passion to help individuals and families build a healthy relationship with money. I look forward to helping you raise financially confident kids.” - Shannon Ryan