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Couples and Money

15 Fabulous but Frugal Date Night Ideas

Editor’s Note: Tanya from Eat Laugh Purr is back with some fabulous but frugal date night ideas for you and your sweetheart. Whether you’ve been married for more years than you’ve been single or are in the first blush of love or are somewhere in between, to keep romance alive and well, you still need to enjoy the occasional date night. Some date nights are meant to be celebratory where

How To Love Your Sweetheart Financially | www.TheHeavyPurse.com
Couples and Money

How To Love Your Sweetheart Financially

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, which made me think about the many conversations I have had with couples about their money over the years. Some of these sweethearts have been married for 50 years while others just celebrated their first anniversary together, and a few were in the early stages of love. The commonality between all of them was the role money played in the state of their relationship.

Creating Money Transparency in Relationships | www.TheHeavyPurse.com
Couples and Money

Creating Money Transparency in a Relationship

One area that couples frequently struggle with is discussing money. It’s a topic that was unlikely openly talked about in many homes, which makes it harder for couples to create a money system for themselves. Our parents may have even had a great system but because they never discussed it, we assume money just automatically falls into place. While that’s certainly possible, the reality is it takes a bit of

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